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NEW!!!!!! Weekly Lake Data

A reminder from Bruce Gilman, PhD -Professor of Environmental Science at FLCC:

It’s important to remember that the threat from blue green algae is not their presence in the water (they occur in most water bodies) but the occurrence of blue green algal strains that can produce toxins under certain conditions.  We continue to gather research data about what those conditions might be (e.g., climate change, thermal regime, frequency of mixing, watershed runoff enriched with nitrogen, etc.).  The scientific data from SUNY ESF for the last three years documents the presence of blue green algae but there were few instances when dangerous levels of toxins were detected despite blue green algae being present.  For the record, there were no harmful toxin levels detected in 2014, only one sample from 2015 had toxin levels of concern, and none so far this year.


To be safe, use common sense.  Avoid contact with surface scums on any waterbody, and certainly do not consume water in your home or cottage with adequately filtering, treating and disinfecting it.  Hopefully, public water will be available soon around the entire lake.        19Sept16

The weekly lake assessment by Terry Gronwall, chairman of the Honeoye Lake Watershed Task Force:


Surface water temperature declined 3.6 F from Monday 9/19 to Monday 9/26.

This is a very rapid cooling of the ~9 billion gallons of water in the lake!


The Gronwall's visual BGA Update for Monday (9/26) morning:


This morning (Monday 9/26) the BGA bloom appeared to have declined significantly in intensity compared to last Monday (9/19).  All locations we checked had only light algae in the water column with no surface scum.


Always use your own visual assessment before making contact with the lake water at this time of year as the blue-green algae situation can change daily if not hourly.  The DEC will report on their assessment of our blue-green algae bloom situation for this week late Friday afternoon on their BGA alert web page.

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The 2016 HVA Annual meeting has been held!

The presentations and information on how to donate to the Nature Conservancy fund campaign for the Inlet Restoration Project can be found at  ---> 2016 Annual Meeting

The 2016 Honeoye Lake Symposium has been held!!!!

It was a great event attended by over 125 people! There were 3 invited guest speakers and informational booths by 14 groups/organizations who provided information on on lake related topics.

The presentations from this annual event can be seen here --->  2016 Lake Symposium

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The 2015 Guide to Lake Friendly Living can be see via the following link: Lake guide

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