Honeoye Valley Association

2018 Weed Mapping

June 2018

 There are white contour depth lines every 5' on the maps. Most of the

red areas on the map are between 5-10' of water depth. The weed line (dark

green to blue transition) still appears to be at ~12' of water depth.


Our macrophyte visual observations are:


1. The macrophytes are unusually high in the water column for this early in

the season. There are places like SW Shores, Lakes End Lane, Dana Drive,

Pickett's Cove, Cottage Cove, Deyo Drive, Honeoye Lake Park, Twin Bay, and

Francis Shores where the macrophytes are to the surface and so heavy we

can't easily get our boat into these areas. This probably due to the mild

winter and early ice out this year.


2. There are large floating matts of macrophytes in the red areas of the


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