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If you have any questions or need to contact Ontario County to request weed harvesting or weed fragment pickup, contact information can be found at: Ontario County Macrophyte Program

Attached are macrophyte maps of the Honeoye Lake Northern and Southern

basins for your use in understanding where macrophytes are currently being found in the lake


The color code key is on the left hand side on the maps. The colors

represent how much of the water column the vegetation is occupying in %.

For example; red means that the vegetation at that location is occupying

90-100% of the water column. In red areas you can usually see the top of

the vegetation.


Red ~90-100%

Yellow/Orange ~50-90%

Green ~15-50%

Blue ~ 0-15%


There are grey contour depth lines every 2' on the maps. Most of the red

areas on the map are between 5-10' of water depth. The weed line (green to

blue transition) still appears to be at ~12' of water depth.

2019 August Weed Mapping

2019 June Mapping



Our macrophyte visual observations are:


1. The macrophytes are unusually high at some locations in the water column

for this early in the season. There are places like SW Shores, Lakes End

Lane, Pickett's Cove, Cottage Cove, Deyo Drive, Blue Heron Lane, Honeoye

Lake Park, Twin Bay, and Francis Shores where the macrophytes are to the

surface and so heavy we can't easily get our boat into these areas.


Just a reminder that the weed harvesting program starts on Monday June

24th. Please contact Betsy Landre to request your near shore area be

harvested ASAP.


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