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Terry Gronwall, Honeoye Lake Watershed Task Force


This 2014 research project used the new ciBioBase lake mapping service to create new bathymetric, bottom hardness, and macrophyte maps of Honeoye Lake.

The bathymetric and bottom hardness maps were created by spending over 30 hours on the lake collecting GPS coordinates and depth readings using a Lowrance GPS/Depth Finder every 5 seconds while traveling at 5 MPH along East West transects spaced approximately 200’ apart. These maps will be invaluable for future Honeoye lake research projects.

The macrophyte maps have been used to make Honeoye Lake’s aquatic vegetation harvesting operation more efficient by concentrating efforts on areas in the lake that have aquatic vegetation growing through most of the water column. This is shown as the red zone on the vegetation map.

The effort to create new Honeoye Lake macrophyte, bathymetric, and bottom hardness maps was sponsored by the Honeoye Lake Watershed Task Force and supported by grant funding from the Ontario County Water Resources Council.

Click the sub topics of this page to see the individual maps:

A 1 foot contour map of Honeoye Lake

A 5 Foot contour map of Honeoye Lake

A bottom hardness map of Honeoye Lake

An Aquatic Vegetation Map below:

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