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The Honeoye Lake Watershed Task Force is an inter-municipal association of the towns in the watershed and the HVA who jointly developed a comprehensive watershed management plan. The plan was published in 2007 and drives research and projects to maintain and improve  the conditions within the watershed and Honeoye Lake. The HVA is very supportive of the HLWTF due to its efforts and relationships with government agencies who would finally implement efforts or projects.

Effective June 1, 2020, the HLWTF has their own website full of information about the lake! The website can be found at: Honeoye Lake Watershed Task Force (HLWTF)

Following are the newsletters from the Honeoye Lake Watershed Task Force

Summer 2013   HLWTF NEWSLETTER Summer 2013.pdf

Fall 2013      HLWTF Newsletter 11 October 2013.pdf

Summer 2014   HLWTF NEWSLETTER Summer 2014.pdf

Fall 2015 Honeoye Lake Watershed Task Force Newsletter Fall 2015 docx.pdf

Fall 2016    HLWTF NEWSLETTER FALL 2016 (Autosaved) 101916 Rev A.pdf

Winter 2017  HLWTF Mtg Minutes Signed 1 26 17.pdf

Spring 2017  Approved Honeoye Lake Watershed Task Force Minutes 4.27.17.pdf

Summer 2017  Approved Minutes 7.27.17 .pdf

Spring 2018  Honeoye Lake Watershed Task Force Newletter January 2018.pdf

Spring 2019  January 2019 HLWTF Newsletter.pdf

Spring 2019 HLWTF Mtg Approved HLWTF Meeting Minutes 1.24.19.pdf

Fall 2019   Approved HLWTF Meeting Minutes 7.16.19.pdf

Spring 2020 January 2020 HLWTF Newsletter Final 012420.pdf

HLWTF Meeting Agenda 012320.pdf

Draft HLWTF Mtg Minutes 10-24-2019 Final.pdf

The 2014 published watershed loading study by the Watershed Task Force and The Nature Conservancy can be read via the following link:

HoneoyeWatershed_RevisedFinalRpt_7-14-14 SL.pdf

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