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Honeoye Lake Watershed Management Plan

The Honeoye Lake Watershed Management Plan is the result of a comprehensive investigation of steps needed to protect Honeoye Lake and its watershed. It includes many action items to protect lake and watershed waters due to actual and potential sources of pollution. These pollution sources include: nutrients, septic systems, recreational use, pesticides, road salt, spills, bulk storage facilities, mined lands and erosion related to forestry, road banks, streambanks/shorelines, agriculture, development, and landfills.

The document functions as a comprehensive plan of action or road map to protect Honeoye Lake well into the future and was made possible through a grant from New York State Department of State, Division of Coastal Resources (DCR). Creation of the plan is managed by the Honeoye Lake Watershed Task (HLWTF), which has representatives from all towns in the watershed. A management plan will enhance the ability of towns and agencies to obtain state grants to fund individual projects. 

There are two documents, a Full Honeoye Lake Watershed Management Plan that is 137 pages, and a 2007-10-31 Executive Summary HLWMP of about 20 pages.

A Public Information Meeting was held on July 24, 2007 7:00 PM at the United Church of Christ where the public will have the opportunity to make comments on the plan. The Honeoye Lake Watershed Management Plan was approved by the HLWTF on October 16, 2007. This completes all requirements of the NYS grant that supported writing the watershed plan.

 The HLWTF, through the Town of Canadice, was awarded a second grant in June 2008 to determine if measures could be found to reduce erosion, and hence nutrient flow into the lake. The effort on this grant was completed in June 2012, with recommendations for several projects that will reduce nutrient input to the lake which are described in Streambank Erosion Study. It recommended the creation of a 100 acre waterfowl impoundment in the area south of the lake. In addition it recommended the installation of small debris basins and settling ponds located on six tributary crossings on CR 36 and East Lake Road south of the lake. The debris basins and settling ponds will allow finer sediment to settle out, reducing the flow of nutrients into the lake.

This grant was solely for the purpose of developing a recommendation and did not include any funds for construction.  In the hopes of implementing this recommendation the HLWTF will be applying for another grant to implement these projects in the near future.
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